The New Reality
in Our Retirement

The New Reality in Our Retirement

The number one concern of Baby Boomers in retirement is “we don't want to run out of money.” The New Reality in Our Retirement is an adult education class that covers potential financial threats, now and in the future, and provides students the knowledge they need to build a successful retirement.

Course Outline

A. Conventional Financial Wisdom

Much of what we have heard and thus have (collectively) taken as true is simply not so. If investment choices and retirement decisions are made based on this so-called wisdom, many retirement plans could be subject to failure.

B. The Fiscal Health of the United States

It is important to get the most income with the least amount of long term drain on your assets. The choices we make when it comes to our sources of retirement income can have a significant impact on the success of our retirement.

C. Failure To Maximize Retirement Income

When it comes to income in retirement, how we have saved and allocated our money plays a major role. Having your assets in the right types of accounts may contribute greatly as to how long your money lasts or how much you have in reserve. Should you have an IRA? Should you have a Roth IRA? When do you know if a Roth conversion is an idea and how much should you convert? This sections shows you how to maximize cash flow in retirement.

D. Unplanned Healthcare Expenses

Adverse health events can occur at any time. The financial cost of long-term health care can be devastating. There are cost-effective options available that allow us to get the care we need while preserving our lifestyle.

E. Improper Estate Transfer Design

Many of us are ill-prepared for the protection and transfer of our estate and assets at incapacity or death. Knowledgeable planning can preserve estate values for one's spouse and/or heirs.

F. Losing Money in Large Market Declines

We've suffered two large systemic market declines in the last 18 years. The reduction in national investment account values was staggering in both instances. For Baby Boomers, retirement may be decimated when the next major systemic decline occurs.

G. Failure To Have A Well-Designed Retirement Plan

Hoping things “just work out” is not an effective strategy and will likely lead to massive failure. Just like when planning a trip, after deciding where you are and where you want to go, you then need to know how to map your journey to your destination with the flexibility to make course corrections as you go.

We don't have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest."

—Warren Buffett