We are a nationwide cooperative of financial professionals with a passion for educating pre-retirees and those in retirement.

The Retirement Wealth Academy was established by seasoned veterans in the industry and exclusively welcomes like-minded educators who share our values: to teach a disciplined approach to financial planning, to provide an objective outlook on retirement investing, and to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of complex financial topics.

Jason Wenk

Jason began his career on Wall Street as one of the youngest advisors at Morgan Stanley. After seeing first-hand how broken the financial industry had become, he founded his own financial advisory firm in 2005.

He pioneered the use of algorithms based on proven academic formulas to build investment portfolios. This approach offered previously exclusive portfolio strategies to a broader range of investors.

These proved so popular that Jason founded his own investment firm, FormulaFolios. Ranked among the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.A. by Inc Magazine for each of the past three years, FormulaFolios now oversees the management of over $3.2 billion in assets.

Jason Wenk
At the end of the day, what most people want is not just to accumulate as much money as possible—but to enjoy a great life, and make as big an impact in the lives of people and causes that are important to them with the money they do have.”

—Jason Wenk, Founder

Rick & Wes White

As the owners of Patriot Wealth, Rick and Wes have helped hundreds of individuals find a comfortable retirement in their home state of North Carolina. They formed the Triangle Adult Learning Center after seeing the critical state of many investors nearing retirement. The center develops comprehensive courses geared toward retirement planning and investing.

Wes is an Investment Advisor Representative of Retirement Wealth Advisors. His concentration is in investment strategies geared toward retirees. He is a Fox Business and Fortune Online contributor.

Rick is known as a leading "Safe Money" professional in the industry. He teaches a conservative approach and believes protecting your money is just as crucial as growing it.

Rick and Wes White